43% of Businesses are looking to increase recruitment

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43% of businesses are looking to increase recruitment

with job vacancies reaching a record high

SME’s are now less worried about laying off staff; in March 2021 25% of firms saw it as their biggest challenge but this has now reduced to only 14%.  However, 17% view their propensity to recruit and retain employees as a major obstacle. Furthermore, firms are now keen to recruit when the furlough scheme comes to an end.  

This doesn’t just apply to SME’s as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) recently reported that job vacancies had reached a record high across the UK overall. However, firms are worried about attractive they appear to potential and existing talent.  

Smaller businesses are recognising the value for employee benefits that will help make them more attractive which is a positive. Benefits such as increased flexible working, mental wellbeing support, managing stress and green benefits such as charitable donations via salary sacrifice or electric vehicle purchase schemes are seemed to be the most desirable.  

Reed.co.uk recently did a survey which found that almost three quarters of respondents are either actively looking for a new job (41%) or are open to new opportunities (30%). 

At HealthBoxHR we offer tools to support your company in recruitment, flexible working and mental health support.  

Our Recruitment tool offers a secure database for your candidates as a fully paperless system to make sure the process is seamless, reducing costs and time.  

We understand the importance of looking after your employees and have therefore developed a Mental Health Management tool where staff can upload how they are feeling and request a one-to-one and support if needed.  

HealthBoxHR are paving the way for the post COVID landscape. Developing revolutionary future proof HR solutions, we make managing organisations of all shapes and sizes both easy and affordable! 

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