70% of UK HR Directors say Covid jabs will be compulsory

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While Government legislation is soon set to make COVID-19 vaccination compulsory for care sector workers, employers in many other customer-facing sectors are voluntarily taking a similar approach. Indeed Flex reported that the number of jobs requiring workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 soared by 119% between August and September. Although these are mainly in customer facing roles, 70% of HR directors said they would require staff to be vaccinated with 22% stating they would make vaccinations mandatory. Only 15% of HR directors said vaccination status would have no bearing on their decision to return a staff member to the workplace or not. 

Businesses in the UK are currently free to determine whether or not to require vaccinations of their employees outside of the care sector. Other countries, like as France, Greece, and Australia, have made mandatory vaccination in the health-care sector. 

There is a lot to juggle for businesses since the pandemic, with hybrid working, managing productivity as well as the physical and mental wellbeing of their staff. This is where HealthBoxHR can help. Our Vaccination Tracker provides individual users the capacity to define their vaccination status as well as upload a snapshot of their official vaccination certificates. The platform also caters for those who are exempt for medical or religious reasons, as well as providing a vaccine booster option for those that aren’t, further future proofing your solution. Every organization is provided with the full breakdown of their user’s vaccination record and all information can be filtered based on region as well as department, highlighting more vulnerable areas of the business. 


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