Recruiters Struggling to Navigate Flexible Working

The business landscape post-covid has seen a dramatic change; people used to fit their lives around work but covid is teaching people that it doesn’t work that way anymore. People are turning down opportunities because they don’t offer remote working, and they would rather sit tight and wait for the right job to become available.

1 in 5 Are Not Ready to Return to the Office

A new study reveals that ongoing Covid-19 uncertainty and pressure to get back to normal are causing high stress levels for many with 92% of UK GPs reporting an increase in patients seeking help for work-related stress.

70% of UK HR Directors say Covid jabs will be compulsory

holding vaccine sticker

Indeed Flex reported that the number of jobs requiring workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 soared by 119% between August and September. Although these are mainly in customer facing roles, 70% of HR directors said they would require staff to be vaccinated with 22% stating they would make vaccinations mandatory.

Don’t underestimate the cost of employee absence to your business


It is therefore vital that employers accurately track absence and manage it effectively to reduce costs, such as loss of productivity and paying other staff overtime. Being informed is the best way to manage costs and ensure that absence rates don’t get out of hand.

Training and Development

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The positives that have come from offering training online The pandemic caused professionals to make a quick change in the way they carried out training; relying on virtual technologies to deliver courses online. Many found that providing training opportunities boosted productivity and increased morale, at a time when employees needed it most.  It is clear that, even a year later, […]