Employers are increasingly specifying vaccination requirements in job ads

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Over the last three months, the amount of UK job advertisements specifying applicants to be Covid-19 vaccinated has increased by 189 percent.

From a site-by-site analysis In October 2021, Adzuna discovered that 2,324 job ads required job seekers to have received their coronavirus vaccinations, including roles in sectors where vaccination is now, or soon will be, a legal requirement (healthcare, nursing, and social care), as well as roles in sectors where vaccination is not required.

Although the number of job advertising requiring vaccination has increased, the proportion remains low: vaccination was needed in just 0.19 percent of UK job adverts in October, or around one out of every 526 available positions. This proportion increased from 0.18 percent (2,161 job advertising) in September and 0.07 percent in July (805).

Because everybody working in a care home in England must now be completely vaccinated against Covid-19, Adzuna predicts a significant increase in the number of job ads needing evidence of vaccination in November. By April 1, 2022, all front-line health professionals in England will be completely vaccinated.

In October, 2.03 percent of job postings in the social care industry and 0.91 percent in healthcare and nursing required the vaccine.

However, Adzuna discovered that employers in other sectors, such as charity (0.55 percent of jobs listed in this sector in October) and domestic help and cleaning, also required immunizations (0.26 percent ).

The Equality and Human Rights Commission concluded earlier this year that requiring Covid-19 vaccinations for some sectors, including health and social care, was “appropriate.”

In the United States, employees at organisations with 100 or more workers must be completely vaccinated against Covid-19 by January or be tested weekly for the virus. A total of 84 million workers are expected to be affected.

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