Whether they’re for travel expenses, a team meal or for that office Christmas party you’d rather forget, HealthBoxHR’s expenses feature ensures the process of uploading and approving expenses is as accurate and pain free as possible… unlike the office party hangover!

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HealthBoxHR allows users to submit expenses as quickly and efficiently as possible, delivering them directly to the correct personnel for visibility and approval either via the HealthBoxHR app, or on any web browser via all smart phones, laptops, desktops or tablets.

Users simply assign the expense to an expense type such as entertainment or travel, upload a copy of the receipt and once submitted, it is visible in real time for the admin team to approve or reject. 

The organization is provided a full breakdown of all pending and approved requests which can be done so with a single click and once approved, the employee receives instant confirmation as to the outcome. All information can be filtered and reported on so your finance department has global cost transparency.

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Cost Transparency

Dedicated 24/7 support

reduce errors

Manage From The App

eliminate paperwork

In-depth HR Reporting

real-time view of data

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Through the use of HealthBoxHR’s expenses system, organisations are better able to manage all types of expenses quickly and efficiently, whilst also giving the users the ability to manage their own via a simple and secure digital platform.

Frequently asked questions

Set up is completed in a matter of minutes! As soon as we have the green light to proceed from your team, we will be able to build your platform and onboard all users.

Absolutely! Whether a proof of a copy is part of the process for your organization or not, the system allows the user to upload copies of receipts which can even be done so directly via the app, meaning the individual can take a photo of the receipt right away reducing the risk of misplacing the original. Admin are provided a clear view of who has or hasn’t provided a receipt for approval.

Super easy! You can filter by region, date, department and expense type. These can also be approved/managed by specific department heads.

The beauty of the tool is you can select as many or as few modules as you like. We pride ourselves on being very flexible, allowing you to activate/de-activate modules as and when you wish.

That’s entirely up to you! The platform can be set up on a monthly rolling contract basis for as little or as long as you wish. Alternatively, you can sign up for an annual subscription which also comes with a discount.

Of course! As we offer services globally, we provide technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Absolutely not. You can sign up to your free trial quickly and easily here for up to 500 users and if you wish to add more just let us know and we will increase this for you. There’s no upper limit.

Both HealthBoxHR and HealthBoxHR Admin apps are for free for all employees!