Every organisation is made up of distinct and diverse individuals. Performance and general motivation comes not only when everyone feels valued, but when they align to the organisations objectives.

The only way to achieve this is through regular communication and HealthBoxHR have developed a simple way for both employers and employees to streamline this process from start to finish. 

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Whether it’s an informal catch up or annual review, or whether you wish to build, track and manage a full internal or external training schedule, HealthBoxHR allows both admins and individual staff members to submit one to ones and training requests as quickly and efficiently as possible, either via the HealthBoxHR app, or on any web browser via all smart phones, laptops, desktops or tablets.

With centralised dashboards the internal booking system will notify those of the time, location and reason for each meeting, all of which can be reported on and regular one to ones such as probation and review meetings can be scheduled in advance of the individual’s employment.

As training, targets and areas of improvements change, so too does the individual’s profile, meaning nobody is trawling through notes or old emails to remember what was said during that chat 6 months ago!

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Manage From The App

Improve Performance

In-depth HR Reporting

eliminate paperwork

all in one dashboard

one to ones and training

Through the use of HealthBoxHR’s One to Ones and Training feature, organisations are better able to improve performance, morale and overall job satisfaction via a simple and secure digital platform.

Frequently asked questions

Set up is completed in a matter of minutes! As soon as we have the green light to proceed from your team, we will be able to build your platform and onboard all users.

You sure can! The forms allow you to assign the request to either internal or external training. Regardless of which training is taken, we’ve also included a cost function so you can keep track of your spend.

Absolutely! The form is set up to ensure you have full control, allowing you to tag the request to any sites you have attributed to your account. You can then filter any pending or completed meetings by region, department, meeting type or status.

Not at all! Although most clients take these features together, the choice is completely yours. The beauty of the tool is you can select as many or as few modules as you like. We pride ourselves on being very flexible, allowing you to activate/de-activate modules as and when you wish.

That’s entirely up to you! The platform can be set up on a monthly rolling contract basis for as little or as long as you wish. Alternatively, you can sign up for an annual subscription which also comes with a huge discount.

Absolutely not. You can sign up to your free trial quickly and easily here for up to 500 users and if you wish to add more just let us know and we will increase this for you. There’s no upper limit.

The HealthBoxHR app is free for all employees!